Vision Mission & Values


To create leaders by providing educational excellence in teaching, research and innovation, thereby nurturing minds and transforming communities


To be a world-class institution

Innovation, Research & Service being our strategic priority, we wish to promote valueeducation, to enrich humanity through knowledge based solutions to scientific, technological, economic and social challenges.


We are strongly committed to the following core values

  • Preserving heritage, creating the future.
  • Truth and Integrity
  • Respect and Freedom of Expression
  • Proactive community service
Goals and Objectives

To offer state-of-the-art education of global standards to students and working professionals and train them to be competent, ethical and socially responsible citizens.

To create an environment for faculty, staff and students to achieve their full potential

To strengthen our university-industry linkages and form collaborative ventures with the corporate community

To undertake research for the benefit of industry and society

To continuously innovate and use best practices of governance in all operations

To provide inclusive education and a foundation to promote self-reliance, cultural competence, ethical sensitivity, leadership and lifelong learning.

Provide a mechanism for continuous program assessment, evaluation and improvement.

To attract and retain best professional talents through continuous professional andpersonal development programs, reward and honours for excellence

To promote and propagate and research the values in Indian Heritage and cultivate a spirit of peace, harmony and universal brotherhood through value education, interfaith meetsand dialogues.

To provide congenial environment to faculty, staff and students for innovation and continuous improvement, keeping in view the environmental sustainability and societal welfare

To continuously upgrade academic and physical infrastructure to stimulate learning

To assimilate global best practices, and enter the dynamic area of international partnerships